5 Ways to a More Successful Deployment for the Milso Left Behind

So it’s here. The dreaded word we all know too well in this military life. Deployment. Goodbyes have been said. The buses have driven off. You’ve gone through all of the pre-deployment ups and downs, emotions, stress, and even the laughs and happiness from spending quality time together, and yet it still doesn’t seem to…
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7 Skills & Certifications for Veterans That Lead to Great Civilian Jobs

The military gave you some incredible experiences and life skills that can’t be found anywhere else. Unfortunately, civilian employers don’t always value those skills as highly as might be deserved. Instead of hanging your head and letting the game play you, you need to play the game by identifying which skills and certifications for veterans…
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Best Companies for Veterans

Let’s be honest. It’s not easy finding a great job after leaving the Service. Ridiculous as it may seem, civilian companies aren’t entirely welcoming to the well-trained and experienced Veterans who come knocking at their doors.   I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of men and women, Veterans of our armed forces, who are frustrated, exasperated,…
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  You’ve got a million dollar idea right? Plus, you have graduated from a top-notch Business Administration program with Martinsburg College (You haven’t?! What are you waiting for?? Call us!). So, what’s next in your business-owner story?   Well, that depends on what business you’re starting up. No matter the type, check out a couple…
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Martin: Talent Tech Officer

Hello all! My name is Martin Martinsburg. I am originally from Martinsburg, West Virginia. I studied Theatre and IT which has led me to my current journey as the Tech Talent Officer. People call me Martin the Man, The Martinsburg Monkey, Martin the Magnificent…any of these will do. I have a passion for computers, and…
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Industry Partnership Program: Student Outcome

Outcome: This is Martinsburg College’s core focus for our students. Once a student has started a program, our job has just begun. We want every student to finish their program and put what they have learned to use! With that goal in mind, Martinsburg College has developed strategic partnerships with military friendly industry groups and…
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The Veteran’s Spouse Project: I Will Wait Hits Forth Worth Stage

I Will Wait: The Veteran’s Spouse Project by Gregory Stieber and Amy Ball-Uptgraft opened at the Parkview Physicians Group ArtsLab, in Fort Wayne, paying tribute to the men and women who stay at home, keeping their households and families together, while their husbands and wives fight for their country. The story begins in 1945 at…
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