What is a College Certificate Program and why are so many people enrolling in them?

  Over the last several years, college certificates have grown in their popularity and more and more people are choosing to take them. You’ve probably heard of a friend, or two, maybe even three+, that are excitedly beginning their journeys of taking a college certificate program. But why? They all have good reason to, but…
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5 Ways to a More Successful Deployment for the Milso Left Behind

So it’s here. The dreaded word we all know too well in this military life. Deployment. Goodbyes have been said. The buses have driven off. You’ve gone through all of the pre-deployment ups and downs, emotions, stress, and even the laughs and happiness from spending quality time together, and yet it still doesn’t seem to…
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5 Things To Do Before Summer Ends!

  Summer is nearing an end; so make the most of the time you have left! Whether you’ve got kiddoes, it’s just you and your spouse, or you are holding down the home front while your spouse is away – here are some ideas that you won’t only enjoy, but will make your soul feel…
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New Spouse on the Block

  It doesn’t matter how many hits you had at your previous duty station, you’re the new kid on the block now. And so it begins – the process we military spouses know too well. Settling in, making your new house a forever home (okay, a home until it’s time to PCS again), getting to…
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7 Essential Planners for an Organized 2017

Ring in an organized 2017 by finding the perfect planner to jot down whatever life throws at you! Whether you’re scheduling work meetings, your family’s activities (even fido), or mapping your homework schedule you’ll need one of the planners below!       Create 365 Happy Planner $29.99 The Happy Planner is perfect for those…
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