Success Story from Katelyn S.

“When I got out of high school my family was very disappointed that I didn’t go right to college or even know what I wanted to do once I got out.  But I got married and moved to Kentucky and found my way.  I also realized that I didn’t want to work in retail for…

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Success Story from Laura C.

“I was very happy with the Medical Office Administration Program with Martinsburg College.   It was very helpful and I felt like I understood everything.  I also appreciated the help that I received from everyone working there, especially my Advisor.  She would call me to check in on me. It really encouraged me to continue…

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Success Story from Samantha H.

“I started Martinsburg College when my son was 6 months old.  I wanted to better myself and be a role model for him.  I was determined to earn my degree before he started Kindergarten, and I’m going to make that happen.  I was undecided as to what I pursue at first, but then found a…

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Success Story from Caitlyn

“… I was satisfied with the program! It was easy to follow and stay current or ahead which was convenient since I wanted to finish before I was due to have my baby. ”                                              …

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Success Story from Brittany

“I really enjoyed the Medical Office Administration program through Martinsburg College. I loved that I was able to work ahead as much as I wanted. I also appreciated having the option of reading the chapters verbatim or listening to the audio version on my computer.  For me, the audio version helped me to focus more.  I…

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Success Story Nektaria

“I really loved taking courses with Martinsburg College.  The courses are spread out so that I had time to complete them. Last year I was a couple days behind because I was working all nights and weekends extra shifts due to an employee shortage, with a family and household to run. I called in and…

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Success Story from Alyssa

Military Spouse, Martinsburg College, MyCAA, Student Success

Hey everyone, I am Alyssa Cornbower, I am 22 years old and I have a 5 month old son. When I started the Medical Office Administration course, I was extremely nervous. I never had done an online course and on top of that I was a high risk pregnancy. Well, I began March 2015 and…

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