Success Story from Ashley

ashley whinery

Enrolling in the Medical Office Administration program was a great way for me to better myself and family’s future. It really helped me start moving towards a new career. I was able to stay home with my children while going to school online. The material was easy to understand and the program easy to navigate….

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Success Story from Michelle

I loved the Medical Office Administration certificate program with Martinsburg College! The staff was always very friendly and helpful with answering any questions… I already have, and would recommend Martinsburg College again. -Michelle

Success Story from Starlina

When my husband deployed, it was just me and our 2 rambunctious toddlers on a new post in a new state. I knew I needed something more. Something that would challenge me to stretch and grow, but also allow me the time I needed with my children as well. Martinsburg College was an ideal place…

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Success Story from Angelica

One of the best decisions I have made was choosing Martinsburg College as the place that I would go back to school. My certificate in Corporate Leadership has really helped me get going on my career. I appreciate all of the support & understanding that gave me. And it is because of that and dedication,…

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Success Story from Tony

My name is Tony and I did it! It is a great feeling to have earned my Associates of Science Degree in Integrated Tech, completely online. I served nine years as an Active Duty Marine. Towards the end of my service I began taking online classes with Martinsburg College. In less than a year I…

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Success Story from Nora


Thank you Martinsburg College for the opportunity to complete the Project Management Certificate Program. It was a really good program, challenging, interesting and also a lot of Fun! I recommend anyone to take the chance when given.

Success Story from Serena

This school balanced wonderfully for me, as a working military spouse. I am so grateful that I found this school and that I was able to enroll in the Human Resource Management program. This is one of the first times taking an online class that I did not feel alone. I have already taken the…

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Success Story from Nichole

nichole hayes

I greatly enjoyed my experience with Martinsburg. The classes were easy to navigate and understand and I was able to do it when I wanted. Getting my certificate in Homeland Security has really sparked my interest in continuing my education and bettering the lives of my boys and myself. I hope to become a profiler…

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Success Story from Esmeralda

My name is Esmii and I chose Martinsburg College to further my career not only for myself but for my family. It was hard trying to find time to go to college until I was told about online school with Martinsburg. I chose to study Surgical Instrument Processing; it was a challenging but an exciting…

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Success Story from Emily

Martinsburg College, oh where do I begin? I found Jamees by accident at a little get together. I had so many questions, but she answered them all. I have been going to university, but never got the one on one. Jamees was with me every step of the way. I was able to call the…

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Success Story from Abbey

Abbey Janke

Martinsburg College was great! I loved that I was able to do the work for my Financial Management and Accounting classes on my own time, whether that was during naptime or at midnight. Definitely would recommend.

Success Story from Melissa

Melissa Jones

When my husband joined the Army I became a stay at home mom. I thought about going back to school but with my third child on the way I thought it would be impossible with my schedule and finances. That’s when a friend of mine took me to an event with Martinsburg College. I was…

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