You’ve got a million dollar idea right? Plus, you have graduated from a top-notch Business Administration program with Martinsburg College (You haven’t?! What are you waiting for?? Call us!). So, what’s next in your business-owner story?   Well, that depends on what business you’re starting up. No matter the type, check out a couple fantastic…
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4 Organizations for Transitioning Veterans

Whether you’re just getting out, thinking about it, or been out a few years there are resources available to you! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations with the mission of helping. It can be confusing trying to understand what they do and which provide the best services. I have listed below some of…
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New Spouse on the Block

It doesn’t matter how many hits you had at your previous duty station, you’re the new kid on the block now. And so it begins – the process we military spouses know too well. Settling in, making your new house a forever home (okay, a home until it’s time to PCS again), getting to know…
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Diary of a Military Spouse – Move out or stay in school?

My husband and I married before I completed college. And you guessed it – he’s an Active Duty military service member, which meant he didn’t live close by.  We faced our first common military couple decision at a young age – should I stay and finish school first or should I move to be with…
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7 Essential Planners for an Organized 2017

Ring in an organized 2017 by finding the perfect planner to jot down whatever life throws at you! Whether you’re scheduling work meetings, your family’s activities (even fido), or mapping your homework schedule you’ll need one of the planners below!       Create 365 Happy Planner $29.99 The Happy Planner is perfect for those…
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Success Story Emilee

I have been working for CVS Pharmacy since December, 2015.  They hired me, as a Tech. Intern, because I was enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech Program. I enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech Program because I had already been in the medical field and wanted to continue my education in pharmacy. They said they knew that…
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#MilitaryMoments E-Book

Download our Complimentary #MilitaryMoments E-Book! This book is sponsored by Martinsburg College as we honor the sacrifices of the men and woman that protect our country. These are their stories and their moments.   We would like to give a special thanks to all of the participants that made this book possible. We are honored to share these moments with the world.  

15 Meme’s Military Spouses Relate to

EVERY SINGLE time they leave…Every…Single…Time… a mutated giant bug magically appears in the house, the house starts falling apart (doors fall off hinges, pipes burst, washing machines flood, commodes runs over, and emergency vet/child visits). Simply put, this meme accurately describes every military wife’s worst nightmare.   You go through the trouble of trying to…
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