There Is No Home Like A Military Home

Military families serve a higher calling in their dedication to our country. That commitment allows us to live peacefully within the land of the free and home of the brave. But what does home mean to them and their families? Home can take many forms and many definitions. Some say it is a place; the…
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Weekend Reboot For Better Online Learning

Going back to school is such a unique experience. Even more so with online learning, when your couch is your classroom. Time management suddenly becomes a far more important skill, as you try to balance your life while pursuing your education. The biggest difference between online and on-campus programs is that your schedule becomes your…
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You Served – Now Make Linkedin SERVE You!

As someone who served my country and transitioned out after a ten year career, I know how difficult it can be to secure a civilian job. While I enjoyed a rewarding US Naval career, I was both excited and apprehensive about beginning a new chapter in my professional life. Although I attended the required transition…
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3 Tips To Fast Forward Military-Civilian Career Transition

Feel like your military-civilian career transition is moving in slow motion? To accelerate the process and help establish your competitive edge, it is important to not only demonstrate your unique value as a military veteran but also set your specific skills apart from the numerous well-qualified job-seekers that hiring managers are looking at. Although you know…
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The Journey Back | Military-Civilian Skills Translation

Whether retiring after decades of service, returning from deployment or pursuing a new post-military career, view this time of transition as an exciting opportunity to enrich yourself and build off of your military experience. In The Journey Back -Preparing For Transition we discussed the need to start early, self assess, tap your resources and inventory…
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Getting Back-To-YOU After Back-To-School

This school year, be the captain of your own ship. Take time to adjust your sails and navigate in the direction that makes you happy. Because at the end of the day, you will never be able to make others happy until you are.

15 Online Learning Tips For Student Success

E-Learning aka online learning or distance education has come a long way since its beginnings. Among the many factors contributing to the growth of online learning is student demand. When it comes to higher education students are now opting for programs that offer more flexibility, convenience and cost efficiency. By the year 2019, nearly 50% of…
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The Journey Back -Preparing For Transition

As a Military Service Members, we are accustomed to change and adversity, from year long deployments to moving across the globe for reassignment—but transitioning back into civilian life may be the most difficult adjustment of all. After serving your country, finding a place outside of the military can feel like an uphill battle. With some…
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Air Force Tuition Assistance (TA) Benefits Changing 1 Oct 14

Airmen need to act now in order to prepare for the upcoming 01 Oct 2014 change to Air Force Tuition Assistance (TA). Changes to the Air Force TA will restrict service member’s ability to choose the career area to which they can earn a certificate. Hit especially hard by these changes are Airmen looking to prepare for…
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Tips For Bridging The Military Spouse Employment Gap

The aftermath of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is not only emotional but also financial.  When a military spouse is forced to leave her employment in order to relocate, the family must endure the loss of the additional income. Without that paycheck each week, the family’s budget can be severely damaged. Thankfully, the government…
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