Success Story from Lanea M.

“Taking the Medical Office Administration course at Martinsburg College helped keep me structured and was a constant reminder that I can do anything. I was able to finish the course quickly and was able to have something to say for myself, I did something. Not only did I complete the course, but I felt I…
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Success Story from Ericka M.

” I loved using Martinsburg for this certificate program. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to expand their education. Thank you so much for your dedication and encouragement to me!”

Success Story from Amanda H.

“I wanted to thank you guys so much. My pregnancy was so horrible that I really did not think that I would be able to finish school. I thought that I would just have to quit and fail out. I was really grateful that you guys were willing to work with me, so that I…
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Success Story from Victoria

” I was satisfied with the Medical Office Administration program at Martinsburg. I thought it was very beneficial to have an outside resource for the lessons. Also, the quizzes after each lesson was a good review before the finals.”

Success Story from Katelyn S.

“When I got out of high school my family was very disappointed that I didn’t go right to college or even know what I wanted to do once I got out.  But I got married and moved to Kentucky and found my way.  I also realized that I didn’t want to work in retail for…
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Success Story from Laura C.

“I was very happy with the Medical Office Administration Program with Martinsburg College.   It was very helpful and I felt like I understood everything.  I also appreciated the help that I received from everyone working there, especially my Advisor.  She would call me to check in on me. It really encouraged me to continue…
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Success Story from Samantha H.

“I started Martinsburg College when my son was 6 months old.  I wanted to better myself and be a role model for him.  I was determined to earn my degree before he started Kindergarten, and I’m going to make that happen.  I was undecided as to what I pursue at first, but then found a…
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7 Essential Planners for an Organized 2017

Ring in an organized 2017 by finding the perfect planner to jot down whatever life throws at you! Whether you’re scheduling work meetings, your family’s activities (even fido), or mapping your homework schedule you’ll need one of the planners below!       Create 365 Happy Planner $29.99 The Happy Planner is perfect for those…
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Success Story Emilee

I have been working for CVS Pharmacy since December, 2015.  They hired me, as a Tech. Intern, because I was enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech Program. I enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech Program because I had already been in the medical field and wanted to continue my education in pharmacy. They said they knew that…
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