#MilitaryMoments E-Book

Download our Complimentary #MilitaryMoments E-Book! This book is sponsored by Martinsburg College as we honor the sacrifices of the men and woman that protect our country. These are their stories and their moments.   We would like to give a special thanks to all of the participants that made this book possible. We are honored to share these moments with the world.  

15 Meme’s Military Spouses Relate to

EVERY SINGLE time they leave…Every…Single…Time… a mutated giant bug magically appears in the house, the house starts falling apart (doors fall off hinges, pipes burst, washing machines flood, commodes runs over, and emergency vet/child visits). Simply put, this meme accurately describes every military wife’s worst nightmare.   You go through the trouble of trying to…
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9 Valentine’s Ideas for Every Military Couple

It was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. I couldn’t wait to come home for what was surely going to be candles and rose petals everywhere. I was so excited to unwrap whatever carefully thought out present my husband had gotten me, and post six million pictures to Facebook. I pull into our…
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How to survive a Military Marriage: A Planner’s Guide… EVEN WHEN PLANNING FAILS

The military lifestyle terrified me. I could have never before imagined myself being apart of an ever changing – unpredictable lifestyle. It goes against every essence of my DNA. Everyone, and I mean – EVERYONE, told me my personality would doom me to fail as a military wife because I am not a “flow with…
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First Month of Deployment – From Survive to Thrive!

First off – lets thrive during deployment, not just survive. I went into deployment number two with this mindset and I was a fumbling mess when I realized this goal was significantly more challenging to achieve than ever imagined. Envision Wile E. running off a cliff trying to chase the road runner! I told myself…
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5 New Ways to make New Years Resolutions

  Remember last year? When you promised yourself in 2015 that you would carry out the plans you made for the goals you set in 2014 based on everything you DIDN’T accomplish in 2013?? Me too. I’m 2 years into my marriage and have lost a total of 10 plus pounds of the 15 pounds…
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