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Professional Sales Skills Certificate Program

business-handshakeMost people do not view themselves as a sales person, yet anytime they’re engaged in conversation in which they are expressing an opinion or influencing an event, they’re actually selling. Selling is the essentially perfecting the art of persuasion. Every single part of an individual’s life can benefit from effective sales skills. The Professional Sales Skills Certificate Program is designed to enhance sales abilities and expertise. The program focuses on fundamental sales and management skills, including sales strategies, professional telephone sales, correcting staff performance problems, coaching, and overall sales management. Students will learn skills to directly increase and optimize the opportunity to achieve the sales mission, improve the ability to motivate team members, forecast sales revenue, conduct sales meetings, build team unity, and ensure effective sales performance.

In order to be an effective sales manager, students will want to learn how to become good listeners so they can understand the needs of the customer. Sales also requires one to be a self-motivated individual to continually work on building effective persuasion and communication skills. Being confident and building strong relationship also play a role in being an effective sales person.To learn more about our Professional Sales Skills Certificate Program, ‘Click Here’ to contact us today.

Upon completion of this certificate program, students are expected to able to:

Conduct effective field training.

Set performance standards.

Develop a sales forecast.

Conduct successful sales meetings.

Conduct a SWOT analysis.

Build a sales network.

Create a sales presentation.

Write an effective telesales script.

Respond appropriately to customers’ communications styles.

Maintain a positive attitude and overcome negative experiences.

Set and communicate goals and expectations to employees when coaching.

Monitor an employee’s performance

Completion: Students must successfully complete 18 semester credit hours to earn a Ultimate Sales Skills Certificate and can typically be completed within six months.

Professional Sales Skills Certificate Program – Topics Include

Sales Networks

Decision making Practices

Interpersonal and Leadership Skills

Overcoming Objections

Product Demonstrations

The Six-Step Sales Process

Sales Forecasts