Smart Home Technology Certificate Program

smart-tv-and-hand-pressing-remote-controlSmart home technology is a way for homeowners to utilize innovative technology to provide control and on-demand access to various systems such as telephone, security, lighting, entertainment systems, and climate. Effective smart home technology can assist homeowners in efficiently running the household in comfort whether they are home or away. The Smart Home Technology Certificate Program provides students with an understanding of the methods common across home technology industry products and solutions. This includes structured wiring and centralized control/distributed access architectures for home computing, home theater, lighting, security, HVAC, and water management.

men-installing-monitorIn order to provide effective smart home technology support, students need to develop logical and critical thinking skills while paying close attention to detail. Students will be required to apply creativity when designing smart home technology plans and provide effective communication. Additionally, successful students will demonstrate patience in listening and gathering information necessary to meet technology needs and provide solutions. To learn more about our Smart Home Technology Certificate Program, ‘Click Here’ to contact us today.

Upon completion of this certificate program, students are expected to able to:

Use industry information to better qualify sales prospects for home technology industry products, systems, and services.

Use effective oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills.

Build customer relationships.

Understand new technologies.

Demonstrate knowledge of the home technology industry field.

Recommend customized solutions.

Smart Home Technology Certificate Program – Topics Include

HTI Industry Products, Systems, and Services

Centralized Control/Distributed Access Architectures

IHN and Subsystems of an IHN

Industry Participants

HTI Terms and Acronyms

Industrial Automation Solutions

Wireless Protocol Specifications

Advanced and Emerging Technologies

M2M Concept and Wireless Telemetry

Zigbee IEEE 802.15 Protocol