Martinsburg College is an online distance learning college offering an industry leading Information Technology (IT) certificate program. We are proud to serve the military community including veterans and military spouses.

Technology Support Technician Certificate Program

information-technology-femaleThis program provides students with the skills necessary to support and troubleshoot computer systems and to be proficient in the use of applications. Technology support technicians provide crucial support to users’ during stressful situations often involving specific time limitations. Students will learn basic networking principles and the process to set up the internet on a home computer. Students will learn how to install, configure, and troubleshoot a computer and will utilize troubleshooting procedures, system tools, and utilities to monitor the performance of a PC, optimize system resources, and correct common problems. To learn more about our Technology Support Technician Certificate Program, ‘Click Here’ to contact us today.

Upon completion of this program, students are expected to be able to:

Work with and enhance documents utilizing Word

Format spreadsheets & manipulate worksheet data

Identify techniques to troubleshoot common hardware problems

Install the Windows Operating System

List the requirements to set up a network

Topics Include:

Installing and Removing Programs

Storage Technologies

Applications Software

Operating System Technologies

Networking Principles

System Resource Optimization

Troubleshooting Procedures