Success Story from Starlina

When my husband deployed, it was just me and our 2 rambunctious toddlers on a new post in a new state. I knew I needed something more. Something that would challenge me to stretch and grow, but also allow me the time I needed with my children as well. Martinsburg College was an ideal place to find my voice, build a support system, and get my feet wet. The Business Communication program was exactly what I needed!

The learning plan was very straightforward and they provide 24/7 instructional support! I was able to utilize the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA)program. This financial assistance covered my tuition for being a military spouse pursuing to further my education. So with my husband being deployed and my babies asleep, nights at home were focused on bettering myself. Thank you Martinsburg College and Staff, you guys rock! -Starlina