Success Story from Melissa

Melissa Jones

When my husband joined the Army I became a stay at home mom. I thought about going back to school but with my third child on the way I thought it would be impossible with my schedule and finances. That’s when a friend of mine took me to an event with Martinsburg College. I was not sure it was possible for me and I went to quite a few meetings before I made the decision to start school, I wish I had started sooner! Martinsburg College fit my life in a way no other college could. I Download Whatsapp Plus  Apk for Android Phones No Root Needed. was able to do all of my school work from home at my own pace. As a stay at home mom my schedule was always changing. I was almost finished my program when my third child came 3 weeks early. I was worried about my school work but Martinsburg made it so easy. They really worked with me in giving me the time I needed and now I have my Certificate in Medical Office Administration!

Thanks Martinsburg College.