Success Story from Stephanie B.

“As a military spouse, life is very chaotic and spontaneous even when we don’t want it to be. Beginning my schooling with Martinsburg College I was nervous and had many doubts. Previously being a college dropout and still recovering from the debt I incurred with that, I never imagined being able to even go back to school. I also dealt with some self doubt about how successful I would be with taking on this endeavor. But with great support from my husband, friends, family and my amazing Admissions Advisor, I was able to clear my thoughts and realize I was ready for this opportunity and it was my time to do it for me! Although I was ready and positive about my Business Administration program starting, life was just about to get rocky for me. A month after beginning my courses, my husband and I were faced with a very personal tragedy that harmed both my mental and physical health. Our first big obstacle as a married couple and I was left to take care of it alone as he was out to sea every month for 2 to 3 weeks. I didn’t think I could do it and thought I’d never get back into the swing of things. But with Martinsburg being so understanding to our military lifestyles I was able to take a month off, get my husband and I moved safely, got myself healthy and back in the positive groove. I even got back in gear with schoolwork and was able to graduate early! I couldn’t have done if it weren’t for my supporters constantly encouraging me through the rough times. I can’t wait to put my knowledge/certificate to use at work and further my career opportunities there with it. I can’t thank Martinsburg College enough for this amazing opportunity and I’m so happy to have gotten many others to join in on this journey with me. Thank you!”