Portable Skills For The Career Minded Military Spouse

Portable skills

The job market has made a global leap with the evolution of technology, opening up so many portable career options for military spouses. Though this has not always been the case.

Back in the day, there were very few careers that were flexible enough for a military spouse to keep throughout the length of her spouses military service. Each reassignment would result in another exciting job hunt. Thankfully digital technology has stepped up and literally changed the way that we communicate. Text messaging, email and Skype have made a huge difference in how military spouses stay connected during deployment. The internet (and the Defense Department’s MyCAA program ) has helped ease the stress of relocation and job hunting and made it possible for so many military spouses to go back to school or work online from any location without having to find a babysitter, drive or change out of their pajamas.

For The Career Minded Military Spouse

Global accessibility has advanced the onset of universal training standards and made it possible for military spouses to gain the skills necessary to pursue a career within industries that were only once dreamed of. Referred to as portable, these are the skills that can pave the way to a fruitful portable career. The term “portable career”, refers to a job or ongoing employment that is not based upon a set location but rather can be performed wherever they are -– or packed in a bag and shipped to the next duty station. So instead of starting over professionally every time a military spouse receives a Permanent Change of Station, she now can maintain her professional identity and employment regardless of relocation.

The Virtual Connection

At the heart of a successful portable careerist is the use of online communication to stay connected and available:

  • Interviews with potential employers can now be done virtually prior to a move using video conferencing.
  • Online networks enable uninterrupted attendance to educational programs.
  • Email helps keep the lines of communication open with clients and customers.
  • Cloud computing empowers team members to collaborate and work together virtually.

Planning ahead for a career that moves with you requires investigating opportunities in high-growth, in-demand fields. ­­Some of the most expansive fields include Medical Administration, Information Technology, Business Administration and Homeland Security. These industries are undergoing periods of growth and change, and they offer opportunities for employment worldwide.

Medical Administration

medical healthcareMedical Administration is an exciting, versatile career option for on-the-move military spouses. The skills developed while training in the Medical Administration field can include Anatomy and Physiology Terminology, Medical Transcription, Medical Billing and Coding, Diagnostic Procedures, E-Prescribing and Health Records and Technology, Medical Office Procedures and Pharmaceutical Terms to name a few.

These positions are vital to the efficient operation of medical offices, hospitals, and pharmacies. Once learned, Medical Administration skills are extremely portable because they address not only the technical aspects of healthcare delivery management, but also overall health and well-being patients, medical staff support and administration of policy issues regarding access to healthcare and medical records.

Information Technology 

ITInformation Technology has become one of the most important and largest industry sectors in the world today. It is responsible for generating billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Although the industry is commonly associated with computer networks, it encompasses other information distribution technologies including televisions, telephones, home technologies, and more. Included in the umbrella of information technology are computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, Internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce, and computer services.

Homeland Security

Security is another area experiencing significant growth and expansion. The field requires a set of communication and logistical skills that are in high demand, no matter where your relocation takes you. Since its creation, the Department of Homeland Security scope has expanded to include Cyber security issues, natural disasters, and border security, in addition to protecting the United States against external or internal terrorist attacks.

Business and Professional Development

businessBusiness and Professional Development is a highly portable field for military spouses to consider. It welcomes a broad set of marketable skills and knowledge and seems to offer the greatest opportunity for expansion.

The various areas within the business and professional development field can include: Communications, Leadership, Team Building, Financial Management and Accounting, Human Resources, Office Technology, Project Management, and Sales. The broad-based skills learned within this field are incredibly beneficial both professionally and personally. They can be applied to various industries and various positions within our growing global economy.

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