Military Spouses- Your Time Is Valuable, Invest It Wisely

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Military spouses are remarkable individuals. As the husband or wife of a service member, your marriage vows act as a right of passage into the exciting challenge of military life.

As you leave the familiarity of civilian life behind, enjoy the feeling of independence and adventure that emerges. Remain flexible, nurture yourself and give your confidence room to bloom. Keep a good grip on the goals you’ve set for yourself as you transition into your new home and a new role as a military spouse.

Embrace the feeling of patriotism that surrounds you and heed advice from generations before who also joined the rank of the military spouse in the name of love. In between the role calls, military balls, and moving hauls, make sure to seize the opportunity to further your education. Programs like MyCAA make it possible to go back-to-school with no out of pocket expense if qualified. So all you need to invest is time. Your willingness to invest your time today can shape a better tomorrow for you and your family.  Here’s why:

1. “Because You’re Worth It.”

your future selfYou already have the passion; all you need are the skills! Going back to school can open career opportunities never before considered.

As a military spouse choosing an accredited online college allows you to specialize your skills, knowledge, and practical training while still holding a job, relocating, caring for family or being overseas.

The accomplishments you make to reach your full potential as an individual are always worth the investment. You are “worth it.”

2. Secure Your Future

When you make an investment in your goals, not only are you creating a security net for yourself, but also for your family. As military spouses, it’s all too easy to sacrifice your career, looking to your spouse as the supporter while you do your significant role behind the scenes. But what would happen if you suddenly became the one your family looked to for financial support? Would you be prepared to your fullest potential? The investment you make to better yourself could become more than a personal accomplishment, it could be the gift of security for the future.

3. Seize The Moment

Gone are the days where military spouses hoping to go to school or learn a skill had to anxiously wait for orders to a location with adequate educational facilities. Now, you can access classrooms from the comfort of our own homes. Financial support, such as MyCAA and individual branch scholarships, also help to propel military spouses towards reaching their personal and professional potential. Service members are not the only ones given the chance to make it through school debt free, military spouses can too! Yet many military spouses do not utilize the benefits offered to them. Take advantage of these opportunities. Do it for your future self!

4. Bloom Where You’re Planted

futureAs your little soldiers march off to school, full of pride and hope, pause and appreciate the quiet. Enjoy the notion of a few well earned hours to yourself. Utilize this time to better yourself as an individual. Your future does not follow the “hurry up and wait” rule.

Perhaps you have worries about being able to complete coursework while maintaining your busy family schedule. Online programs offer the flexibility to complete your studies within the constraints of your busy life. You can work at your own pace, at any time of day, from anywhere around the world. If you find your family moving to a new area, you can continue your education without disruption. Do not wish your time away, reach your fullest potential and be the best person you have always wanted to be.

5. Embrace The Adventure

Military spouses are so wealthy with opportunities incomparable to those living in the civilian lifestyle. We are able to experience the richness of living in many different locations all over the world, meeting individuals and making connections that change our lives forever. Embracing this gift not only makes the roller coaster that is military life much more bearable, but creates a gift of a life we wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. That alone makes us uniquely strong individuals who are capable of reaching any goal we have set for ourselves.



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