Building Your Support Network For Online Learning Success

student support network

Apollo Research Institute recently conducted a survey of more than 4,400 students in multiple generations that identified unique stress factors that influence educational progress.

The report noted, “support from spouses, significant others, faculty members, and staff from an institution’s academic department had the best chance of positively influencing adult learners to continue classes”.

The average adult learner who decides to continue their education will experience some level of stress while juggling responsibilities such as work and family on top of school. Military life can add unique stressors that make going back to receive a higher education an even more difficult task. It is extremely important that military members and their spouses build a support network that positively influences their continued education.

Your Family

People affiliated with the military lifestyle are often living far from their immediate family members, and often experience periods of time where they are in a location totally alone. When going back to school, it is important to communicate your decision with your family and keep them updated on your progress.

Pick up the phone, Skype, or FaceTime, and let your loved ones give you encouragement and praise on a regular basis. There is no better “pick me up” than hearing that your efforts are worth the hassle from the people you love most in the world. It is critical to your educational success that you keep family a simple phone call away.

Your Friends

In the military lifestyle, friends become your second family. Friends are a very important part of your success when you are continuing your education. They are there for the moments you need to vent your stress, and often there if you need a trusted person to keep your children while you take a huge test.

Your Spouse

Your spouse can be your biggest supporter while you are continuing your education. Going back to school requires a lot of time and dedication. Be sure to communicate with your spouse that you need their support and understanding. Military spouses know the importance of the moments they get together, so get creative and find ways to spend time together that promote both your relationship and your education, like study sessions. Involving your spouse in your educational pursuits will be greatly beneficial to your success.

Your School’s Staff

Even if you are taking classes that are completely online, it is important that you get to know your professors, academic advisor and class assistants. The professionals who conduct your classes are there to help you. Do not hesitate to reach out for their support while on your college journey.

Military members and spouses need a good system of support to positively influence their educational goals. Be sure to build your support system of friends, family, your spouse and school staff. The key to college success is a formula that begins with your family and friends. Military life presents unique challenges that make going back to school even more difficult, but with the right support you will reach your educational goals.



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