Study Spaces and Mobile Friendly Work Places

couple studying

For over 40 years, generations of American school children learned to read with Dick and Jane. “See Dick. See Dick run. Run, Dick, run!” Then in the 1960s progressive education pushed the pendulum away from the whole-word Dick and Jane theory over to phonics and later balanced reading instruction.

Similarly, higher education is breaking away from the confines of traditional  “desk-study” and offering students the opportunity and freedom to choose their own mobile-friendly “work places” and online “study spaces”. Students and professionals alike are now able work or study from almost anywhere.

Learning is not one size fits all. Some of us need to see it, some of us need to hear it and some of us need to do it. Depending on your learning style, you may thrive in a secluded, private space or enjoy studying in groups, with music or in a public place. As diverse individuals, each of us needs to identify ourselves as a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner. In order to create a learning environment customized to our individual needs. To learn more about the various places online learners prefer, we asked our military spouse community to share their thoughts:

#1 Military Spouse Study Space: COUCH

“When he is home, my favorite place to study is on the couch, in my hubby’s arms, as he watches football!” -Kim
“I love to work on the couch with my pj’s on!” -Natalie
“I get more done at my desk, but the couch is so much more comfortable!” -Charisse
“I love to log into class on my bed or my couch! Both are comfortable so I can focus on my studies!” -Kerstie
“Living room. While sitting on the couch my notes on the coffee table and drinking coffee.”  -Thayli
“Corner of my sectional. With a blanket and music playing. It’s great.” -Kelsey
“On my cozy couch with my dog next to me.” -Marina
“I prefer to study on the couch in my office.” -Debbie
“I love studying on my couch. With Grey’s Anatomy on since I’m studying MOA. It’s so relaxing.” -Tayleigh
“My recliner. I curl up with a blanket and and put the computer on the foot part.” -Felicia
“Love spreading out on my couch! Even though my dog lays on top of the computer!” -Amanda
“Couch! Have some Harry Potter playing in the background and study on the laptop” -Nikki

#2 Military Spouse Study Space: TABLE

“On my dining room table while my kids are in school & husband is at work.” -Kawai
“Dining room table, I can keep an eye on the little ones from every angle and also have enough space for my laptop and binder.” -Karen
Dining room table! The only place that the dog and baby won’t mess with my notes.” -Michelle
I love to study in the living room at the coffee table.” -Brittany
“My dining room table. There is plenty of room for me to read, take note and drink coffee. Download Mobogenie app Market 3.2.12. An alternative ‘market’ that is full of app Also keeps my son out of my notes and laptop.” -Sandra

Some Of Our Favorites

“I like to study in a hot bubble bath. Place a table across you and pop open the tablet.” -Megan
“A cafe!! The smell of coffee brewing and having my own cup always keeps me focused and studying for hours!!” -Mackenzie
“In the bathroom hidden from children! Lol! (We have a big counter in the bathroom to sit on…lol)” -Abby
“I get my work done in my BED. I like to be comfortable and my kids be sleep so I get that peace I need to focus!!” -Nicki
“At my desk with my son in his swing next to me…”  -Tabitha
“On my bed between pillows that prop me up. Along with books and papers scattered open ,highlighters and sticky notes on one side. Its not “organized” but I’m comfortable especially when its on an online study for hours. Its like being served breakfast in bed but with homework.”  -Toni