Take Your Classes Outside and Enjoy The Flexibility Of Learning Online

study outside

As the sun shines brighter and winter melts away, the perks of online learning get even clearer. Flexibility, convenience and cost efficiency are just a few benefits students are taking advantage of as they make the choice to become distance learners. It makes sense. Imagine back in high school, if you would have been able to take your classes outside and enjoy the warmer weather and all the perks of spring. I know I would have gone to class more often, how about you?

This is one of the big reasons that E-Learning, or online learning, has grown tremendously in such a short amount of time. Experts estimate that by the year 2019, 50% of all students will be online learners. Due, in great part to the wide spread consumer availability of mobile devices among busy adults.

It takes digital discipline and dedication to resist distractions when using your mobile device for college. Stay focused and remember that your tablet, smart phone or laptop is the bridge to reaching your educational goals. Here’s some learning tips for keeping your capacity to concentrate in control, even in the face of spring fever:

1. Keep A Calendar

One of the biggest perks of being a distance learner is that you create your own schedule. Take great advantage of the course syllabus and timeline, by keeping a calendar of due dates and project notes.

Use this calendar to customize your learning schedule by planning to complete your assignments before they are due. Plan to do class work on days that are most convenient for you. This way as the weather get nicer, you can take your studies outside in the back yard, to the park or even the beach.

2. Break It Up and Take A Break

For better retention break up large assignments into smaller more manageable tasks. In fact, studies have shown that it makes you a better learner if you break it up. You will find that tackling an assignment with a fresh mind, makes you much more productive and you can complete more in a single day by just spacing out your study times.

As you complete each assignment or project, reward yourself with a ten minute break to regroup. Take the dog for a walk, go to the mailbox, check your phone or just breathe in the fresh air. Unlike the traditional brick and mortar class schedule, there are no bells and no rush to get to the next class on time. You make your class schedule. So take ten minutes in between tasks and take it outside. You’ll come back  recharged and ready to learn.

3. Control Your Distractions

Learning at home puts you in control of your distractions and choose your study space. Unlike high school where there were friends in the classroom, notes being passed and gossip in the air that made it difficult to pay attention. Online learning lets you choose your learning environment. So do your best to keeps distractions to a minimum.

Get in the habit of turning off your television and powering down your phone so that you can study in peace. And then use your break time to check for messages. If there is too much chaos in the house, then grab mobile device and take your studying outside. The mobility of online learning helps you stay in control of your college experience and reach your full potential by remaining focused as a student.

4. Stay Organized By Color Coding

Have fun with organization by color coding your courses. Use colorful folders, tabs, highlighters and sticky notes to keep your subjects and tasks organized. This study tip will provide you with valuable organizational skills that you will use throughout your professional career. The beauty of online learning is that you can increase your self-management abilities in a way that the structure of traditional classes does not create.

5. Create Goals

Take advantage of being able to work at your pace, setting one goal at a time until you reach your ultimate educational success. Whether it is reading ten pages without picking up your phone or receiving an A in a project, setting goals is what compels you to keep moving forward. Nothing boosts morale more than reaching your goal and succeeding in a challenge that you made for yourself.

Online learning is the most convenient way to achieve your educational goals. The benefits offered and skills gained as a distance learner are unmatched. All you need to succeed is a bit of determination and a few new study skills.