Military Parents Experience New Model For College Education

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If you are a parent, cherish the role that is so uniquely yours. Similar to serving your country, it is a duty of love and dedication that deserves the very best version of yourself that you can bring to it. To meet the challenge of raising children in a military household, parents often feel the need to find a new direction. Particularly after a major life change has occurred like marriage, relocation, deployment, the loss of a loved one or having a child. One of the most meaningful ways to rise to the occasion and meet the necessity for change is education.


Improving Quality Of Life Through Education

Whether you are a service member, veteran or military spouse, going back to school will help close the gap between who you are and who you want to be. The center for higher education found that individuals who attend college earn more, have greater work opportunities and make better-informed decisions as consumers as a result of their education. Students who went back to school as adults report a significant increase in their self-confidence because there is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from earning a certificate or degree and knowing that no one can ever take that away. Ultimately this improves the quality of life for the entire family.

Passing The Legacy Of Education

globe school parentsFrom a parental point of view, another amazing benefit of a college education is the chance to pass that legacy on to your children. When you set educational goals and invest time and energy to reach those goals. You serve as a role model to your children, setting the standard for how they should approach their goals later in life. It also reinforces the importance of education, within the home,  motivating them to do better in school.

Child development experts have found that the experiences a child has at home are central to their ability to function throughout the rest of their life. Home is where a child first bonds and learns to trust, building the foundation for healthy relationships and strong decision-making skills throughout life. The moment you set your goals, is the moment you raise the bar for your entire family and become an even better parent.

New Model To Meet Education Needs

Getting a college education does not have to be complicated, and it does not mean time away from your role as a parent anymore. Things have changed in the higher education world. Colleges have recognized that traditional classroom learning is just not an option for a large population of people. Even though these people want to have a college education, finding time in a day filled with work, grocery shopping, after school activities, homework, and dinner can feel impossible. Thanks to the internet, new online model for college education has emerged.

Learn-At-Home Parents Are Great Parents

certificate-conceptWith over 90% of US homes wired for the internet, adult learners are now able to attend class without ever leaving home. Distance learning has revolutionized the way that college students go to class. Giving them the ability to reach their educational goals from the comfort of their home.

The Learn-At-Home parent can still be home with the kids, work a full-time job, grocery shop and be there to make dinner. Schools offering online programs have helped eliminate the expense of transportation, gas and childcare for parents returning to school. They have saved them from having to make difficult choices between taking the kids to the playground or going to class. The flexibility of programs like this allow parents to continue being great parents while also building a better life for the family.


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