Secret to Creating Your Own Success


As a military spouse or veteran, you are no stranger to setting and accomplishing goals. You have tackled tough training programs and weathered military challenges like relocation and deployments. Now it’s time to set your next goal for success.

As you set your goal, make a promise to yourself to do whatever it takes to reach that goal. Believing in yourself will make all the difference in your ability to thrive and perform to the best of your ability. Invest in you. Your future is largely determined by your willingness and ability to invest in yourself now.

While serving your country, without even realizing, you’ve acquired many of the necessary skills for creating your own success. It’s time to put these powerful new skills to use in reaching your next goal.


S – Set Your GoalTweet: Set Your Goal! Is the first secret to #SUCCESS: #militaryspouse @martinsburg_edu

To achieve success, you first need an ultimate goal. Ask yourself, “What is your final desire?” From holding your very own degree in your hands, to becoming a millionaire, accomplishments are the driving force that propel us to reach our greatest potential. You may also set a number of minor goals to act as “stepping stones” towards your ultimate accomplishment. As a military spouse or veteran, your potential success is limitless. It begins with setting a goal.


U – Understand Your Options Tweet: U - Understanding Your Options! Is the 2nd secret to #SUCCESS #militaryspouse @martinsburg_edu

You could have many ways of reaching the goal(s) you have set for yourself, or just a single, clear path. No matter how your journey could be travelled, it is important that you understand all of your options. Do your research. Talk to counselors, peers and professionals associated with what you are working towards accomplishing. Find the very best way to achieve success.


C – Clear Mind Of Self DoubtTweet: C–Clear Mind Of Self Doubt! The 3rd secret to #SUCCESS #militaryspouse @martinsburg_edu

You CAN reach your goals. Do not let your mind work against you and tell you otherwise. There may be obstacles to overcome but, as a military spouse or veteran, you have already tackled circumstances that would appear impossible to many. Remind yourself on a regular basis that achieving success is well within your capabilities.


C – Choice NOT CircumstancesTweet: C-Choice NOT Circumstances! 4rth secret to #SUCCESS #militaryspouse @martinsburg_edu

You may experience many negative circumstances along the path to success that cause major bumps in the road. It is critical that you make the choice to continue working towards your goals despite the difficult circumstances. Your choice to keep going and not let anything get in your way is what will ultimately fulfill your desire to live your dreams.


E – Education And PreparationTweet: E - Educate & Preparation! 5th secret to #militaryspouse #SUCCESS @martinsburg_edu

Your education and the skills you have learned carry you very far when working towards becoming successful. Military spouses and veterans know, perhaps better than anyone, that knowledge is important. Education and preparation to meet the demands of the roles you will be fulfilling as a successful individual are the keys to reaching your goals.


S – Small Efforts Everyday Tweet: C-Choice NOT Circumstances! 4rth secret to #SUCCESS #militaryspouse @martinsburg_edu

Make a commitment to yourself that you will do something on a daily basis to make contributions towards your future success. Read a chapter, save a few dollars or run an extra ten feet. Every little effort counts towards achieving the ultimate goal.


S – Show The World What You Can Do Tweet: S-Show The World What You Can Do! 6th secret to #militaryspouse #SUCCESS @martinsburg_edu

There is no other YOU on the planet. As a military spouse or veteran, you are destined for great things and even greater success. Show the world the incredible individual that you are by making your dreams a reality.


By combining these S.U.C.C.E.S.S. secrets with your unique military skills and experiences there is nothing that you can’t accomplish! You have already accomplished many things; so don’t stop reaching for more. Success comes to one, powerful common factor: YOU.


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