5 Tips For Military Moms Going Back-to-School

military moms moms going back to school

It takes a special person to keep the universe of a military household in motion. And in the center of that universe is where you’ll find the military mom. Whether working full-time, part-time or stay-at-home, moms need to continue growing in order to become the best version of themselves. Going back-to-school is one of the most fulfilling ways to make this happen.

Colleges have recognized that traditional classroom learning is just not an option for a large population of people. Despite the want to go back-to-school, finding time in a day filled with work, grocery shopping, after school activities, homework, and dinner can feel impossible. With over 90% of US homes wired for the internet, military moms can now attend class right from the comfort of their living room.
If you are thinking of enrolling but worry that the added responsibility of school will be too much, here are 5 tips to help you balance it all.

1. Share The Perks of Education

Make sure that everyone understands that the education you are seeking is good for everyone, not just for you. Every family should value education; it is important for your children to see your pursuits as a good thing, so that when their time comes, they will dive in with gusto. Point out that your new degree will help you be better at everything you do, including being a good mom.


2. Give Them A Chance To Shine

let them shine

Kids love making mom happy. So give them a chance to pitch in. Asking them to help out with even the simplest chores can make a huge difference in the course of your day. Things like setting the table, emptying the trash, matching socks or feeding pets will seem like fun to them.

For the older ones, ask them to spend some quality one on one time with their younger siblings. This will not only free up some study time but also give the kids an opportunity bond.

3. Let Them Know You’re Always There

Know what things your kids see as really important and make sure you are there to share it with them. For example, your kid may not be all that upset if you miss every soccer game.

They might, however, have that one music recital for which they have been preparing for months. They may really value the time they spend having dinner with the family every night. Try alternating games/events with your spouse when they are able to. Ask a friend to stand in for you when you’re just not able to attend.


4. Schedule In Quiet Time

The best time to get your schoolwork done is when it is quiet. That means early in the morning before everyone gets up, or late in the evenings after bedtime. Pick which works for you and stick to it. If you are a night owl, work late. If a morning bird, go to bed with your kids and get up two hours before everyone else.

Just make sure that, whichever approach you take, you are getting enough rest! Living on the edge of exhaustion won’t help anyone.


5. Make School A Family Affair

In the end, a lot of this comes down to keeping the lines of communication open. If you keep open communication with your family you will find that it is much easier to pursue your goals. You may be surprised at just how willing everyone in the family is to pitch in and help facilitate your efforts.

With the support of military man behind you, almost anything is possible. Going back-to-school can be a great opportunity to draw the family even closer through cooperation and teamwork! Sometimes the hardest part of going back to school is just getting started.



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