You Have A Military Love Story & We Want To Hear It!

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Attention Service Members, Military Spouses and Veterans
Here’s your chance to combine your flair for writing and your military life experiences for a chance to be featured in our Military Community. The theme is Military Love Stories. We are looking for well-written, creative, meaningful real-life stories that celebrate the heartwarming power of LOVE in Military Life.

Raise your voice. Share your story. Inspire hope in others like you.

Please complete all fields in the form below, along with your Military Love Story in 650 well-written words or less. Some suggestions for taking us back to where your story begins include:

1. How did the two of you first meet?
2. When did you know this was “the one”?
3. Describe your shared vision for the future…

Keep it sweet and positive. As a general rule, use short sentences and write in the first person, telling the story from your point of view. Submit only unpublished original stories for consideration. All submissions will be checked for originality, so if your work has been previously published on your blog, let us know and take some time to re-work before submitting. And if you have a photo include it!


Please select a valid form

Upon receipt of your story, Martinsburg will review and select the stories to be featured. If your story is chosen, you will receive notification indicating the estimated date that it will be published on the blog and social channels.





As a military guest writer you must fall into at least one of the following categories:

    • Spouse of a service member or veteran ·
    • Active-duty service member
    • Veteran of the United States Armed Forces
    • Surviving spouse or child of a fallen service member
    • Child of a service member or veteran

Additional Guidelines:

      • Military guest writers are asked to also adhere to the Department of Defense User agreement:
      • Carefully read and follow the guidelines below before submitting your story. If you do not immediately meet the criteria listed, we encourage you to submit posts at a later date. Military guest writer guidelines are subject to change without notice.
      • Grammar and Spelling count! We are looking for posts that are grammatically correct and free of spelling and punctuation errors. Write well-structured sentences. Clearly illustrate your ideas. Avoid clichés and jargon.
      • Include Photos if possible. Personal photographs can be used if they do not contain personally identifiable information or geographically identifiable information.
      • Avoid mentioning rank in your post. We discourage the use of rank when including content about service members or other family members.
      • Do give credit where credit is due. You are encouraged to quote, republish, or share any Martinsburg Military Community content on your own blog, website, or other communication/publication. If you do so, please credit the Martinsburg Community Blog, the person who authored the content and a link as a courtesy.

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