Military Spouses: You’re Halfway There!

“You have to get a degree, otherwise you won’t get a job.” This phrase is drilled and embedded into our society; we teach   it to our high school seniors, we teach it to our children, and we say it to ourselves. In an age where your best isn’t good enough and the extraordinary is mediocre, we put our passions and our goals aside to fold into the conformity of societal regularity. It’s time to stop that. There are more options than a 4-6 year degree program and there may be reasons a degree might not be right for you at this time.



Stop and think about where you are right now in your life.


1. You need a job, YESTERDAY!
Let’s be honest – you’ve moved out of you parent’s house into your own home and now it’s finally time to put all those Pinterest Boards to use! But to put that Ann Taylor coffee table in your living room – serving tables and folding clothes at Hollister isn’t going to cut it anymore. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree is going to take at least 3-4 years and it may not be a time commitment you want to make right now. Certificate programs however, offer the skills to get you into a career field of your choice, one that represents employment opportunities where you can see yourself – that will pay you more than minimum wage, or $2.16+tips.
2. You don’t have the money! (Or any money!)
We just talked about how you’re in your own home now, so you will definitely have some bills of your own to deal with. Paying for college credits towards a long term degree may not be the right decision right now. Taking a certificate program may fit into your budget, rather than taking on loans and forfeiting years of potential earning while in school

3. You have skills you didn’t even know you had!
Did you know your scratchpad with all your bills on it is actually, perfectly balanced, household statements – evenly distributing red and green? Your PCS binder is as organized as the project manager’s is for Apple; and remember the time you had to put the stove on simmer because your spouse came home 45 minutes late? You are flexible and can adapt to any new situation or challenge thrown your way. I bet you didn’t even realize that as a military spouse, professional skills are just another part of your daily routine.
4. The truth is: you haven’t even looked.
Multiple ACCREDITED and ONLINE Colleges exist. So many funding options for high school graduates, veterans, and military spouses exist that you haven’t even looked into! Several options exist for you to receive a certificate to give you enough skills to be the professional you’ve always imagined yourself to be.

Message from Mia:
I encourage you to do your research, and I encourage you to follow your passions. If you’re already thinking about why you shouldn’t pursue a 4-year education, chances are you ALREADY have other plans you’d like to pursue! And now, you know it’s okay, and you have options to safely make that leap!