Martin: Talent Tech Officer

Hello all! My name is Martin Martinsburg. I am originally from

Martinsburg, West Virginia. I studied Theatre and IT which has led

me to my current journey as the Tech Talent Officer. People call

me Martin the Man, The Martinsburg Monkey, Martin the

Magnificent…any of these will do. I have a passion for computers,

and you may see me pop up from time to time with helpful hints!

I decided to pursue technology as a full-time endeavor and explore

its many different variables because I saw the potential in it. I

understood that with the use of technology, we can go places

we’ve never been and we can do things we’ve never done.

As Tech Talent Officer, I get to help people understand technology, learn about new trends, and see what’s behind the scenes and inside the screens. On top of that, there’s no Wi-Fi in the jungle, so I needed to do something about that.

As Tech Talent Officer, I’m able to help you:
-Stay Relevant
Technology changes on a daily basis, and the last thing you want to do is fall behind on new trends and innovations. Odds are, you don’t know about half of the social networking sites out there, nor do you know about half of the app potential already being explored as you read this!

But don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.

-Stay Organized

Nowadays there’s a machine for everything. A computer can do a million tasks, and if it could cook too, well – it would be perfect.
-Keep in touch
A few years ago, barely anyone knew what a smartphone was. Then, came the smartwatch and you have to wonder: what’s next? The smart banana? Something new is going to be created and it might be something you find extremely interesting or something you find extremely difficult.

Either way, DON’T WORRY! I’m here to take a look at it, analyze it, and help you understand it.
No, seriously, anyone have a smart banana? I want one!