5 New Ways to make New Years Resolutions


Remember last year? When you promised yourself in 2015 that you would carry out the plans you made for the goals you set in 2014 based on everything you DIDN’T accomplish in 2013?? Me too. I’m 2 years into my marriage and have lost a total of 10 plus pounds of the 15 pounds I promised myself I would lose before my wedding!


 Let’s face it: our lives take twists and turns that we do not see coming. I could not have imagined myself living in WY with my MILITARY husband with not 1…but 4 “fur – children” – but here I love every minute of my life!


As the New Year draws closer I cannot help but think of year’s prior and the several goals I didn’t meet. If I had stuck to my goals in 2012: I would be walking the stage with a Bachelors degree, and probably packing up with my college roommate to start our Disney internships, and studying for my LSATs with a plan to go to Vanderbilt University for law school.


Like so many spouses before me, MY dreams and MY goals were compromised for the greater good of my marriage and my husband’s career. He never asked this of me, it was just the inevitable outcome of choosing a world where someone else’s needs are a matter of national security. For 3 years, I lost sight of my goals, but I now realize I am in no better position in my life to accomplish them, and here are a few tips of how you can make and keep YOUR goals!


  • Be Realistic

We are our own WORST critic and we see ourselves light years further than we are now. But remind yourself: it’s okay, and one step taken is one-step further! It’s easier to run a half mile first, then your marathon. Don’t promise yourself to graduate with your PHD by December! Start with a reasonable goal!


  • Break your Big Goals into Smaller Goals

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but it also has markers, and milestones along the way! A Bachelors Degree is broken down into semesters; a marathon is broken down to 26.2 miles. Start by evaluating your long-term goals, and giving yourself smaller goals to accomplish.


  • Be specific

It’s easy for us to say we want to lose 15 pounds, but being more specific allows us to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Don’t say you want to exercise more, say you want to exercise “Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”!


  • Be true to YOURSELF

For you to accomplish your goals, they have to really matter to YOU. Don’t plan your year around what you think you SHOULD do, or what others think you SHOULD do. Make a goal to be a better YOU and make sure it’s something that YOU really want!


  • Reward yourself

When you have accomplished a smaller, “milestone” goal, REWARD YOURSELF! You did it! You are THAT much closer to your larger goal and you DESERVE a reward; a spa day, a date night with the hubby. Something that you LOVE and something that tells you that you are being successful!