15 Meme’s Military Spouses Relate to


EVERY SINGLE time they leave…Every…Single…Time… a mutated giant bug magically appears in the house, the house starts falling apart (doors fall off hinges, pipes burst, washing machines flood, commodes runs over, and emergency vet/child visits). Simply put, this meme accurately describes every military wife’s worst nightmare.



You go through the trouble of trying to pronounce his friends last name: Savkovicuari, when his first name is Mike …



You spend your whole last paycheck to look your best, but the priceless moment is when you ruin your hair and makeup by jumping up and down holding your sign, crying your makeup off and then your tears slowly start smearing the poster board ink onto your new outfit. PRICELESS.



That’s like saying to a pregnant woman…” Oh my gosh you have gotten so BIG!!” … Just No…



When your husband thinks you get out and have fun with friends, but in reality you binge watch Netlfix, used tissues surround you, a pint of ice cream in hand, and you haven’t washed your hair in three days.



When you buy plane tickets thinking your husbands leave would be approved, but… you were wrong and now you have two non-refundable plane tickets.



You have been waiting for your husband to call for HOURS, and you decide to take a 2 minute shower… EXACTLY the time he calls you.



When you scroll on Facebook or IG and see your friends complaining that their husband/SO is gone for the night… You are just on month 4 of your husband being deployed… No big deal.




When your husband returns from the field or deployment, and you have rescued 6 dogs and a litter of 11 abandoned kittens.



When there is only one lane open and you get stuck behind THAT person, when you are actually in a hurry for once.



Month 1- I got this!!! (Yeah… I’m not a whiner) Month 3- Ok…This sucks… I just won’t wash my hair hair today.. or for 5 days… Who do I have to impress anyway. GOSH THIS IS TAKING FOREVER. Month 7- I’m DONE. I don’t even know when his homecoming date is!! Gah, I really need to shave…My body. Oh well… Who cares anymore…  Homecoming- Washed off months worth of tears, washed the rats nest presiding on your head called hair, shaved, purchased new outfit, new makeup… Boom- Model Status.



When you decide “Oh!! Pshhh It won’t be too bad”. Yet you’re leaving with a pint of milk (off brand) and a carton of peanuts.



Pretty sure 99% of the deployment takes place in the last month…



Sure, some stuff may be accurate on Television- but that is not equivalent to understanding what it really is like as a MilSO. Might want to steer clear of that conversation…



PCS pretty much means an extended vacation! No complaining here…