7 Essential Planners for an Organized 2017

Ring in an organized 2017 by finding the perfect planner to jot down whatever life throws at you!

Whether you’re scheduling work meetings, your family’s activities (even fido), or mapping your homework schedule you’ll need one of the planners below!




Create 365 Happy Planner $29.99

The Happy Planner is perfect for those who want to unleash their creativity on a full 18 month spread! With a simple vertical, weekly layout and a plethora of ways to personalize your planner – dividers, stickers, wasi tape, and pockets to name a few – this planner will make planning your life fun!


“Staying organized in day to day life but being creative with it can be a challenge. That is the biggest reason I love my Happy Planner; the ability to plan my days, events, and meetings while still incorporating my need to be creative.” – Kimber T.


Buy here (and use a 40% coupon): http://www.hobbylobby.com/search/?sort=popularityAllTime&q=happy+planner%3Arelevance&gclid=Cj0KEQiA1b7CBRDjmIPL4u-Zy6gBEiQAsJhTMMuPwnkXzNDZIW3wg33F7YVozbdn2rjuNTUY0O_31cMaAhvX8P8HAQ


Passion Planner $30

The Passion Planner is perfect for those who want to stay goal orientated by making sure everything you do today, gets you closer to your long-term goals! This planner has pages dedicated to goal planning (long and short term), a weekly layout with a section for “Good things that happened”, plus blank pages and a pocket – all under a beautiful faux leather cover.


“I love my Passion Planner because it keeps long term goals in mind when you’re tackling those short-term goals. It also has motivational quotes to keep you going and a reflection section to help with personal development.” – Christyfaye J.

Buy Here: http://www.passionplanner.com/buy/preorder-2017-planner-classic-85×11


Life Planner by Erin Condren $55+

For those who want something personal the Life Planner is perfect with a customizable cover, 3 different weekly layouts, 2 color themes, 4 coil colors, blank pages (lined, graph, and white pages available), and fun add-ons like bookmarks and stickers!

“I love how the Erin Condren planners offers an hourly layout for my busy schedule. I also enjoy the interchangeable covers! Currently, I have photos of my family from the previous years and am already thinking of which ones I will use on my 2017 planner!” – Hillary W.

Buy Here: https://www.erincondren.com/lifeplanner


Recollections Planners, $3.99 each

With more than 10 separate books – budget, meal plan, events planner, etc – you can create your own binder of organization just how you like it! These small notebooks pack a punch with different layouts, 3-ring holes to place in a binder, and if you need just one, pull that notebook out and place it in your purse.

“I love using my Recollections planners because they keep every aspect of my family’s life in order (and separated in its own book) from our budget to my planner.  The small size makes them easy to carry but don’t let that fool you – I can write big & can see my entire week at a glance.” – Katerina K.

Buy Here: http://www.michaels.com/search?q=Planner%20Book%20by%20Recollections


Basics Planner $29.99

The Basics Planner is a jack-of-all trades by including monthly and weekly layouts, goal mapping, a tear out notes section, weekly effectiveness activities, a pocket with whiteboard paper, and dual elastics so you always turn to the right page. This hourly planner will help you plan and improve your life by having built in weekly checklists, notes, and goal planning sections all on the same page for those who need to see everything in one place.


“After seeing this planner on Kickstarter, I had to have it in mint green! The weekly layout works perfectly with my busy life as a student, wife, volunteer, and full-time worker since I can see my entire week in one place. My husband has since started using it in black as well!” – Paig H.

Buy Here: https://www.nomatic.com/products/nomatic-planner?variant=26844718593


Tools4Wisdom $27.97

The Tools4Wisdom planner not only wants to help you organize your life – it wants to help you prioritize both personally and professionally to create your best life. With hourly time slots to plan your days, pages dedicated to your monthly goals and personal reflection, you will do just that all under a beautiful hard cover!


“I love Tools4Wisdom because it is very goal oriented. At the beginning of each month you write down what you want to achieve and then divide it into “bite size” pieces to be completed each week. I also love that it has the hours of the day listed so you can easily write out appointments or any other time commitments that you have.” – Elizabeth I.

Buy Here: https://amazon.com/gp/product/B01HR8KFF2?sa-no-redirect=1


Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly Planner $8.49

The Blue Sky Planner is an affordable way to keep track of your life with weekly and monthly pages plus a section for your contacts and notes! Small but mighty, you can tuck this planner easily into a purse or backpack and use on the go.


“With my job, organization is key, you can’t be successful without a planner. I have always had an issue with finding one that worked for me. I am not a happy planner gal, to be honest I don’t have time for that. My planner I use is from target and it’s perfect for me. Has enough space for me to write and is simple.” – Jasmine M.

Buy Here: http://www.target.com/p/planner-blue-sky-multi-colored/-/A-52050141