Use It or Lose It – Military Spouses Have Education Benefits, Too!

Education may mean something different to each person. Students of all different backgrounds have experienced its ability to open doors of opportunities or have felt the relief of having it as a back up for the just in case. Whether you view your college education as a ticket to an improved lifestyle or as a safety net for the unpredictable future, education is a very valuable investment regardless of your current situation in life.


Have you ever daydreamed of quitting your job to start a career that you know you’d love? What a difference it could make in your every day life to become a professional in a field that you’re truly passionate about! If this speaks to you, you may be searching for new opportunities or for an improved lifestyle, and a college education could help you get there.


Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to not need to work currently. That’s amazing! However, the future can change on any given day, and nothing in life is guaranteed. There may come a time where you might need to explore the work force. And in times of need being prepared and having your education already completed is priceless! What you accomplish now can really come back to help you later.


So, regardless of where you’re at in life currently – working two jobs and raising children or exploring life as a newlywed– your college education is a valuable investment and can be your ticket to improvement or your safety-net for the unpredictable future.


Despite the reasons you should go to school, many feel they cannot. College can feel unattainable because of its cost. Have you ever researched the cost of going to college and wondered how you’ll be able to afford it?  Cue the stress. The good news is there is a solution for military spouses! And no, this isn’t referring to student loans or putting yourself into debt!


Many military spouses do not recognize that they have a wonderful, and possibly once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity. They have the time and the access to tuition funding that would allow them to focus on an achievement, which would provide rewards for a lifetime. There is a limited chance to earn the education, skills and credentials without worrying about the overwhelming cost of college.  What you also need to know is that the opportunity is time-limited and too often is lost.


Many don’t know there are education benefits specifically for military spouses who qualify that are separate from the service member’s benefits. And, even better, some schools like Martinsburg College offer programs that can be ENTIRELY covered by this benefit if you qualify!


Martinsburg College not only accepts the funding for the tuition of its programs, but the school also provides the books, a post-graduation plan for each student, state of the art student services, AND they cover the cost of post-graduation certifications for qualifying programs. The military spouse education benefit means you pay NOTHING out of pocket for any of this if you qualify!


Yes, you read that correctly, NOTHING out of pocket, if you qualify!


You must be thinking, what’s the catch?! That’s understandable. The only thing you must be aware of is that this benefit does expire and you won’t always qualify to use it. It is based off the military service member’s rank. So, you must use it while you qualify, or you lose it.


Use it or lose it. And losing this benefit can mean so much more than just letting a good deal expire. It can make going back to college later in life much more difficult.


Don’t miss your opportunity to go to college utilizing this amazing military spouse education benefit! Earn your education and thank yourself later for having that safety net instead of wishing you could go back and use your benefits while you still can. Feel proud and accomplished as you earn skills in the career field you truly want to be in, without the stress of accumulating debt!


If you’re interested in learning more about your opportunities and the programs offered at Martinsburg College, contact us today! Our staff is extremely military friendly and ready to help answer all of your questions when you’re ready to take that first step of learning more!