5 Things To Do Before Summer Ends!


Summer is nearing an end; so make the most of the time you have left! Whether you’ve got kiddoes, it’s just you and your spouse, or you are holding down the home front while your spouse is away – here are some ideas that you won’t only enjoy, but will make your soul feel good come the end of summer!



Try something new

Sounds simple! But not always, change can feel uncomfortable even when it’s exciting. This is a great way to switch up your usual and have some fun during these last few weeks of summer. Instead of opting for your usual choices when you’re going out or cooking – try something new, like a weird ice cream flavor, a new Pinterest recipe, or a food from a culture you’ve never tried before! Seriously, you might find something you never knew you’d love, or at least get a good laugh out of the occasion. I recently tried a lavender-caramel iced coffee… I was unsure, but it turned out to be delicious! And now I have a special memory of it that I shared with a fellow spouse. It doesn’t take much to make an ordinary day more exciting and memorable! If there’s more than one in your party, challenge everyone to try something new!

Complete a Random Act of Kindness

This one is especially good for the soul. There are so many ways that you can make someone else’s day by simply being kind. It can be as easy as holding the door open for people that day, baking a batch of cookies and bringing them to an elderly home, or you can really get into spirit and do something fun with your kids like this cute dinosaur-hiding idea found here. Kindness breeds more kindness, and by you initiating random acts of it, you never know what can stem from you doing so in your local area! A random act of kindness will leave your soul feeling great, and can be an awesome opportunity to demonstrate great values. Find 101 more easy ideas here!

Enjoy a staycation!

This is where that feeling of being on vacation can be achieved on little to no budget, and from the comfort of staying home! You can make tons of great memories with your spouse, your kids, or a friend! Get out of the “norm”, take a break from electronics, and feel rejuvenated by having a fun or relaxing staycation. Camp in your backyard, get dressed up and explore a nearby museum, go hiking and try geocatching, or create an outdoor scavenger hunt to play with your kids! There are so many affordable ideas that will allow you to take a break from every day life and squeeze one more vacation-at-home into your summer! Take a look at these 25 Ideas for Staycations with Kids or these 8 Fun Staycation Ideas for affordable options! My favorite is the Nature Scavenger Hunt – you can play this anywhere and if you have kids they will love it!

Create a memory album

Display your memories in a fun scrapbook or in a digital photo album. This is one of those tasks that usually gets put on the backburner, and then rarely gets done. Printing out those photos you took now and revisiting your summer later will be rewarding. There are even companies today that will make and deliver photo books from your Instagram posts such as ChatBooks. You can often find discounts and deals through Shutterfly, which offers both simple prints and fun creative ideas for displaying your memories!

Prepare for the Back to School Season 

You will thank yourself later for doing your shopping and research now and being prepared for both back-to-school for the kids and college for you in the Fall! Organize your home study space so the kids (and you!) can feel excited and buy any supplies you need or would like to have. When Fall rolls around, things for school will be ready to go, and so will you! If you haven’t decided yet if you’ll be going back to school, or which college you’ll attend, check out the programs that Martinsburg College has to offer! They are equipped with a knowledgeable and friendly staff and offer military-friendly programs that are a great fit for military spouses! They offer flexible programs in high demand fields such as Medical , Health Care , Business , and more! You may even qualify for education benefits to cover the cost of your tuition, too!


Make the most of the time you have left this summer! I’m heading out to go spread some kindness, what is the first thing you’re going to do?!