5 Surprising Benefits of Distance Learning

For many, distance learning can truly be a blessing. It could seem like it’s your only option (or maybe your only good one), though you might still feel on the fence when it comes to making the call official.


Really, though, you deserve to feel one hundred percent about your decision when it comes time to make it. So, here you will find the top five surprising reasons why you can and should choose to attend school online.



1. You Don’t Have to Commute… at All



Okay, so maybe this one doesn’t come as much as a shock since it is called distance learning, but the amount of money and time you can save from not commuting to and from campus every day is actually astonishing.

Many colleges estimate that their students will spend upwards of 1,000 dollars each year for travel expenses if they do choose to commute from off-campus.

Aside from living off-campus, though, living on-campus could cost you just about as much, assuming you take regular trips away from school or to visit home. Also, try to think about how much time it would take you to drive to and from school, or to and from home every day, week, or month. Being able to simply stay at home and take your classes online could save you a fortune in both hours and those tense travel costs.

2.Online Classes put You in Charge of Your Learning



Online schooling can give you a special type of flexibility that no other form of education can. It allows you to learn on your own time, on your own schedule. If you prefer to take things slow and complete one chapter a week, you can choose to do that. If you like things to move quicker than they do in a traditional classroom, you can make that happen, too.

Along with this, online classes give you the opportunity to balance your work and education much more easily than traditional ones do. For example, a man named Nick Gianissis was 42 years old and still working his job as an air cabin crew member when he made the choice to start online teaching classes on the side. He still needed his job; he still had to support himself financially. However, online courses brought his education to him on his time, and he had the chance to learn around his own working schedule.


3.The Number of Schools Available to You Grows



When you choose to move to or commute to a college, you want to pick one that’s close to home. When you make the decision to go to an online school, though, your options grow tremendously.

Some U.S. states have as many as 1,000+ colleges and universities (such as California), but others only have a mere 30 or so (like Vermont, North Dakota, and Idaho). If you live in an area that doesn’t have many options for your schooling, choosing to go online opens the door for many more opportunities.

You might even find some schools offering more to you online than you would if you went the traditional educational route.



4.You Can Learn Literally AnytimeAnywhere



With online classes, you crack open your virtual book any place you go, so long as you have an internet connection.

Kerrie Hallam can testify to this, claiming that she lived in three different countries while she worked toward earning her degree. Those with disabilities and illnesses of their own or those who care for someone with these disadvantages at home will also benefit in a similar way to Hallam, since only online learning gives you the freedom of location and of true flexibility. You can read more success stories from students themselves here.

5.Lastly, Online Courses Typically Cost Less than Traditional Ones



Some online courses provide reading materials with the class, removing the need for purchasing extra textbooks or materials. The classes themselves are also, on average, less expensive than on-campus ones. And, again, you can take courses from schools in other states and many won’t charge you out-of-state costs for your tuition.


Choosing distance education is a huge decision to make, but it is also a very wise one that you likely will not regret. Only online schooling can give you the education you want the way you want it.



Author Bio: Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a SchoolChoices contributing author. With a great interest in everything related to education and social activism, she loves sharing her knowledge so that others can find inspiration for academic and professional growth. If you’re interested in reading more of Amanda’s work, go on Twitter.