Student Success Story- Courtney M.

“My favorite part about attending Martinsburg college was that I was able to complete my training online. I have a very demanding work schedule and I was still able to attend school. There were deadlines for the quizzes and exams that you had to meet, but they were spaced out enough that you had plenty of time to complete the required reading and exercises. My favorite course was Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding. The courses really caught my interest and I was excited to continue with my school work because I was learning a lot of cool things. The instructors were very helpful with any questions that I had. They also responded to emails very quickly which was very nice. When I reached out to my instructor she replied very quickly and was also super helpful and nice. Susan, an Air Force wife that I’m friends with on Facebook actually introduced me to the college and helped me get the ball rolling with my program. She was absolutely wonderful and so very helpful. I could text/call her anytime with questions and she would do her best to answer them for me. If she couldn’t answer my questions, she always gave me a phone number or someone’s email to help, she never left me in the dark. “