Student Success Story- Kestyn H.

“My favorite part about attending Martinsburg College was being able to go to school from home. Being, an Army wife can be difficult, for example for my husband’s leave we were able to go back home to see family. With going to school I would bit have been able to go with him and or we just wouldn’t have been able to go. But, with being able to attend school online we were able to do both. Normally, every time that I started going back to school something big would happen in our life and school would be hard for me. Like, going to classes on campus, or trying to make deadlines with projects being due. With Martinsburg College, when life came up, I was not stressed about falling behind. Plus, the understanding of Martinsburg College with the Military life style. Everyone is so kind and understanding and patient with walking you through understanding the way of working the website or how to submit assignments. I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me continue my education they make it so much more obtainable.”

Kestyn H.-Medical Office Administration