Student Success Story- Diamond S.

Diamond is a graduate of our Medical Office Administration program.

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

What was your favorite part of attending Martinsburg College?

My favorite part of attending Martinsburg College was the fact that I could obtain a great education at a manageable pace.

What was your favorite course?

I actually had two favorite courses, Electronic Health Record II and Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding. Both courses expanded my knowledge of the health record and the billing processes. I also was excited to be exposed to Practice Fusion. It was the third Electric Heath keeping software I was introduced to; Very different yet efficient in so many ways.

What did you like best about your program or about working with the Instructors?

My instructors outlined the courses very well with their syllabi, gave positive feedback on the discussion forums, and they responded well when asked questions by myself. What I enjoyed the most about the Medical Office Program was the flow/pace of the workload. It worked so well with my busy schedule, I can’t wait to start the Comprehensive Pharmacy Technician program.

Did you have a good experience with an Instructor or someone else at Martinsburg College that you would like to share?

I found out about this amazing school from a Facebook post, and from there the rest was history! They got me up to date on the knowledge about the school, explained the different programs, provided positive feedback, and best of all a provided a listening ear. She was very personable and tentative when it came to supporting the admissions process. She made it very straight forward and was definitely a go-to when it came to any questions other than the ones asked of my instructors.