Student Success Story- Nicole E.

Nicole is a graduate of our Medical Office Administration program.

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

What was your favorite part of attending Martinsburg College?

My favorite part of attending was that it was organized so that we students wouldn’t get overwhelmed and could complete the courses at a steady pace! I loved that about this program.

What was your favorite course?

I loved the Medical Terminology courses.

What did you like best about your program or about working with the Instructors?

I liked that if we ever had any questions that the instructors were always available to help. Especially on Facebook with Martinsburg pages that were created.

Did you have a good experience with an Instructor or someone else at Martinsburg College that you would like to share?

This whole experience was good. I was just thankful that they reached out to remind me that I had courses to finish.