Student Success Story- Keiasha R.

My favorite part of attending Martinsburg College was the ability to go at times during the day that fit my schedule, and the open availability of different learning tools. It was straight to the point and easy to navigate. My favorite course was medical terminology, I enjoyed learning the key terms, Greek and Latin roots of all the medical terms. It was fun to learn the different medical terms and their root meanings behind it. It gave me a lot of knowledge and widened my vocabulary and knowledge. What I liked best about my program and instructors is that they always checked on me and called to see if I needed anything. I received pointers on any questions and issues I had. A simple phone call went a long way. It definitely kept me motivated and going being told i was doing a good job. I had a wonderful experience with Kerri Wood. She always checked on me and gave me a lot of study tips. I definitely recommend Martinsburg College to anyone who is also looking to educate themselves and is also a stay at home mom/ full time mom. I was able to still handle my newborn son who is now 8 months and still push to graduate and achieve my goals on time. Thank you, Martinsburg College for enabling me to become better for my future and for my son.

Keiasha R., Physical Therapy Aide