Student Success Story- Susana K.

My friend Alexa D. was talking to me how she was attending this school and she suggested if I wanted to try it out. She gave me more information and I got interested. I called and I received an interview and I was able to attend this year. I met Michaela that helped me through everything! She was amazing. As I started doing the courses, some were easy and some were challenging but I was able to do them with a passing grade. My favorite part of attending this college was the fact that everything was set up easy to find and the staff and everyone had great attitude and were there for me if I needed any help. I also loved that they understood the fact that I’m a mother of two and sometimes I had to postpone the quiz because they got sick but I got it done as soon as I could and I let them know. My favorite course was the body parts. I was able to learn all about the eyes throat etc. Overall, I had a really great experience! And I would definitely come back when I have enough money to keep going! Thank you all so much for your help and for making this easy for us mothers.

Susana K., Healthcare Administrative Specialist