What to Look for When Choosing a College

  So you’re exploring your college options. That’s great! Your first step toward success is already completed – making the commitment to go to school. For some, that’s the hardest part! Now, it’s time to choose which college you’ll be attending. With college becoming increasingly common, the market is growing in its saturation of schools….
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5 Ways to a More Successful Deployment for the Milso Left Behind

So it’s here. The dreaded word we all know too well in this military life. Deployment. Goodbyes have been said. The buses have driven off. You’ve gone through all of the pre-deployment ups and downs, emotions, stress, and even the laughs and happiness from spending quality time together, and yet it still doesn’t seem to…
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5 Things To Do Before Summer Ends!

  Summer is nearing an end; so make the most of the time you have left! Whether you’ve got kiddoes, it’s just you and your spouse, or you are holding down the home front while your spouse is away – here are some ideas that you won’t only enjoy, but will make your soul feel…
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New Spouse on the Block

  It doesn’t matter how many hits you had at your previous duty station, you’re the new kid on the block now. And so it begins – the process we military spouses know too well. Settling in, making your new house a forever home (okay, a home until it’s time to PCS again), getting to…
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Success Story from Emily P.

“I’ll admit I thought I was too old to start school and I missed my shot. I moved 2,000 miles from home, everyone I graduated with was about to begin their Sophomore or Junior year in college and I still didn’t “know what I wanted to be when I grew up”. I kind of felt…
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Success Story from Hayley T.

“I really liked the program. I didn’t realize that I was awful in Time Management. But then I took the course and realized that I was. I am so glad that you included the Time Management Course in the program.”