Martinsburg College is an online distance learning college offering an industry leading Business & Professional Development Integration certificate program. We are proud to serve the military community including veterans and military spouses.

Business & Professional Development

executive-on-phoneThe field of business and professional development provides a broad background which can be applied to various industries within a growing global economy. Business and professional development today has expanded its definition to include a broad range of roles within various industries and organizations. Due to its broad nature, it tends to be a field which provides the greatest opportunity for expansion. Leadership and management approaches have also evolved where businesses require more out of their employees and roles are not confined to a specific job description or skill set. Businesses need employees who can adapt to change and build broad-based skills which can be applied to various business needs.

successful-manWhen choosing to study business and professional development, essentially, individuals are choosing to learn how to create long-term value for an organization and build a foundation in skills and knowledge which can be useful in a variety of positions. Due to the rapid growth within global economies, individuals are consistently seeking ways to improve their proficiency in areas important to businesses.

Martinsburg College offers students the opportunity to study various areas with the business and professional development field to provide the foundation necessary to be competitive in a global economy. Students can choose from eight certificate programs in the areas of Business Communications, Corporate Leadership, Corporate Team Building, Financial Management and Accounting, Human Resources Management, Office Technology, Project Management, and Ultimate Sales Skills. Each certificate program can typically be completed within six to eight months and will provide students with valuable skills which can benefit them both personally and professionally.

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