Martinsburg College is an online distance learning college offering an industry leading Information Technology (IT) certificate program. We are proud to serve the military community including veterans and military spouses.

Information Technology

computer-networkInformation Technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.

It has become one of the most important and largest industry sectors in the world responsible for generating billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Although the industry is commonly associated with computer networks, it encompasses other information distribution technologies including televisions, telephones, home technologies, and more. Included in the umbrella of information technology are computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, Internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce, and computer services.

The field of Information Technology supports a broad range of occupations ranging from PhD’s in Computer Science to individuals with an aptitude for hardware and/or software who are employed for their demonstrated competencies. The field is dominated by industry and association-sponsored certifications which are used to demonstrate basic to advanced competencies in specific areas. For example A+ certification supported by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a hardware related certification. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) is a certification supported by Microsoft focusing on the ability to design and build technology solutions.

Our online information technology certificate program allows students to build practical technology skills in a distance learning environment. To learn more about our Information Technology Certificate Programs, ‘Click Here’ to contact us today.

Martinsburg College offers the following programs in the field of Information Technology:

Computer Support Technology

Certificate in Cybersecurity

A.S. in Integrated Technologies