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Comprehensive Medical Transcription Certificate Program

Female customer support operator with headset and smilingMedical transcription is the manual conversion of a physician’s dictated medical reports concerning a patient’s health care. This requires an individual to be familiar with medical terminology, formatting requirements, and detailed oriented when it comes to grammar and spelling to ensure patient records are accurate. The Comprehensive Medical Transcription Certificate Program goes beyond just discussing what transcription is to providing students exposure to medical vocabulary, anatomy and related terminology, and medical office procedures. Upon completion of these initial foundation topics, the student will the medical transcription courses. Students will learn how to accurately transcribe dictated reports; understand medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology; diagnostic procedures; and pharmaceutical terms.

In order to be an effective medical transcriptionist, students need to be able to work at a computer for several hours, be independently motivated, and require little interaction from others. Students will benefit from developing excellent spelling and listening skills in addition to having a good foundation in grammar and punctuation.

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Upon completion of this certificate program, students are expected to be able to:

Apply written communication skills.

Use designated references.

Review and apply medical terminology.

Maintain a medical word list.

Follow dictation instructions.

Apply basic medical transcription guidelines.

Develop speed during medical transcription.

Develop accuracy during medical transcription.

Transcribe and create appropriate medical documents.

Proof and edit medical documents.

Completion: Students must successfully complete 16 semester credit hours to earn a Comprehensive Medical Transcription Certificate.

Comprehensive Medical Transcription Certificate Program – Topics Include

Develop Medical Ethics, Law, and Compliance

Transcription Process and Guidelines

Patients’ Medical Records

Types of Medical Documents

Medical Terminology

Medical and Surgical Procedures

Case Studies and Laboratory Tests