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security-foot-patrolThe Office of Homeland Security was created eleven days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. The office was created with the purpose and responsibility to oversee and coordinate a comprehensive national strategy to protect the United States against terrorism and respond to any future attacks. The Department of Homeland Security became operational on January 24, 2003 approximately sixty days after the Homeland Security Act was passed. The Department of Homeland Security combined twenty-two different federal departments and agencies into one unified agency. Since its creation, the Department of Homeland Security’s scope has expanded to include
Cyber security issues, natural disasters, and border security, in addition to protecting the United States against external or internal terrorist attacks.

security-thumbprintMartinsburg College offers a Homeland Security Certificate program which consists of six courses focusing on Introduction to Homeland Security, Tactical Communications, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Investigations, Security Principles, and Patrol Procedures. The program offers students an introduction and foundation into a comprehensive overview of homeland security. It provides students with an overview of the missions of the Department of Homeland Security from a federal and local perspective.

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