Student Success Story- Hannah F.

Hannah is a graduate of the Medical Office Administration program.

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

Q: What was your favorite part of attending Martinsburg College?

What my favorite part of attending Martinsburg College was that I was able to do when on my own time and at my own pace. But, still knowing my due dates for assignments was not a problem for me as I loved being able to work ahead and getting more homework done! I wasn’t stressing on making sure I had them done on time while having to work and moving onto on-base housing here in England.

Q: What was your favorite course?

I would have to say Medical Terminology 1 and 2 would be my favorite. (They were the) courses that I learned a lot in and had fun learning the terminology.

Q: What did you like best about your program or about working with the Instructors?

What I liked best about my program was that finding items on the site was very easy to get to,  I thought it would be harder including the assignments. Working with the instructors was great! If I messaged them in the online classroom they would get back to me pretty fast answering all the questions I had for them.

Q: Did you have a good experience with an Instructor or someone else at Martinsburg College that you would like to share?

All the instructors that spoke with me/messaged me on the classroom was fantastic, I am definitely thinking about continuing my career in Medical Office Administration with Martinsburg College.