How to Survive a Military Marriage – Mission: Spring Break

It is here and maybe it came too fast for some of us!? Yep! I am talking about Spring Break! Where the kids are out of school for 5 whole days and are waiting for YOU to entertain them! If you are lucky, you’ll have your husband, and partner in crime, to help you through this TIRING week, but we all know military life… So if you are one of the strong MilSOs who have to survive Spring Break alone this week, here are a few ideas to get you through the week and ensure your kids have TONS of fun!


Monday – Mondays are already hard enough without having to plan a fun activity!! Typically the Monday of Spring Break is the best day to do a movie day and pajama party day!! Keep the kids in those PJs from dawn to dusk! Maybe even take a spontaneous trip to the Red Box and stock up on those movies the kids begged you to see a month or so ago! Pop some popcorn for a snack and make some PB&J sandwiches to go with those PJs and enjoy Disney for a day!!


Tuesday – I wish I could convince you that the kids would go for “Tv-Tuesday” but I think we both know they wont buy it! So instead, TREAT them, for Tasty Tuesday!! Find an Ice Cream shop, the cute little cupcakery in your downtown, or even, instead of a well-balanced lunch, grab them some McDonald’s nuggets! They’ll look forward to it all morning, and talk about it all night!!


Wednesday – Over the summers in Texas, my mom used to have “Water Wednesdays” – where we would spend every Wednesday all summer by the pool or a lake! If you’re in a warm climate, I recommend this for your Spring Break! It holds some of my FAVORITE memories!! If you aren’t, maybe look at some fun ideas for Wellness Wednesday with the kiddos! Prepare healthy snacks together, like some fruit and yummy veggies! Then go for a pretty afternoon walk!


Thursday – Thursday’s are for being thankful! Thankful that tomorrow is Friday! For some easy Thursday fun, browse some fun, easy, springtime crafts! Sun catchers and wind chimes can be made out of some fun things like construction paper and jingle bells (all of which is typically a dollar or less)! They can also spend the day talking and drawing about a fun trip they would like to take soon, like tomorrow for fieldtrip Friday)!


Friday – Field Trip Friday!! Easy, fun, and picture worthy! Most parks and playgrounds are open to the public and fun to play at (and tire the kids out for nap time)! If you can make a drive and spend some money, look at the closest Zoo or Aquarium! Still picture worthy and it gives the kiddos a chance to see some fun animals…and then still take a nap!


Hopefully these simple things can keep your kids, and your wallet happy; as well as inspire you to think of your own Spring Break activities!! And for those of you without kids – I haven’t forgotten about you! These are a few of the FAVORITE things Michael and I love to do! I hope this can inspire you and your hubby to take advantage of some of your favorite things together, and Spring Break can be the perfect excuse to do them!


Monday – The long Monday while the hubby is at work can be hard to pass the time! I would suggest taking this time to get some of those dreaded chores out of the way; making the house pretty for the rest of the week, and when the hubby comes home, taking advantage of a fun Movie Monday!! Most 6:30pm-7:30pm showings aren’t crowded, and gives you an extra special feeling of alone time! Not to mention most theatres offer a military discount!


Tuesday – With the house nice and sparkly from your hard work yesterday, I would spend the day taking advantage of that yummy cookie or cake recipe from Martha Stewart! And also preparing that handmade sushi or seafood and steak recipe you and the hubby have been dying to try! When he comes home he will have a very TASTY dinner for Tuesday night!! A few candles on the table never hurt anything either!


Wednesday – Wellness is a growing trend now! Meal prepping, and working out together can be the fun start of a new “healthy” relationship between you and your Partner in Crime! When the hubby gets home: go for a walk, a bike ride, or even look up some of those fun couple workouts and try a few out!


Thursday – Thursday’s are for being thankful! Thankful that tomorrow is Friday! My new favorite trend the hubby and I started was Thursdates! We go out to a nice dinner and a show or a symphony! But that’s what WE like! Thursdates are for whatever you and your hubby like to do most! It gives you that nice quiet time to talk and simply be together!


Friday – Field Trip Friday!! One of my FAVORITE things to do!! Michael and I love going to the Zoo and the Aquarium! We do have to drive a-ways to get there, but that’s what Spring Break Friday is for! Most places like the Zoo also offers military discounts, and sometimes Free admission for Active Duty members and their families! Because we also have to drive about 2 hours, we end up making a whole night of it! We find a local hotel and explore the nightlife of the city!!