Success Story from Caitlyn

“… I was satisfied with the program! It was easy to follow and stay current or ahead which was convenient since I wanted to finish before I was due to have my baby. ”                                              …
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Success Story from Brittany

“I really enjoyed the Medical Office Administration program through Martinsburg College. I loved that I was able to work ahead as much as I wanted. I also appreciated having the option of reading the chapters verbatim or listening to the audio version on my computer.  For me, the audio version helped me to focus more.  I…
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Success Story Nektaria

“I really loved taking courses with Martinsburg College.  The courses are spread out so that I had time to complete them. Last year I was a couple days behind because I was working all nights and weekends extra shifts due to an employee shortage, with a family and household to run. I called in and…
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Success Story Emilee

I have been working for CVS Pharmacy since December, 2015.  They hired me, as a Tech. Intern, because I was enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech Program. I enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech Program because I had already been in the medical field and wanted to continue my education in pharmacy. They said they knew that…
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Industry Partnership Program: Student Outcome

Outcome: This is Martinsburg College’s core focus for our students. Once a student has started a program, our job has just begun. We want every student to finish their program and put what they have learned to use! With that goal in mind, Martinsburg College has developed strategic partnerships with military friendly industry groups and…
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Success Story from Alyssa

Hey everyone, I am Alyssa Cornbower, I am 22 years old and I have a 5 month old son. When I started the Medical Office Administration course, I was extremely nervous. I never had done an online course and on top of that I was a high risk pregnancy. Well, I began March 2015 and…
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Success Story from Alex

When I learned about Martinsburg College and the MyCAA program, I jumped at the opportunity but I was extremely nervous because I didn’t think I would be very good at it. My husband gave me the motivation to try anyway. I have been doing the program and I love it! I have done much better…
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In A Crowded Job Market Accreditation Matters

So here you are, human resource manager for a nationally recognized medical center. You’ve narrowed the selection of your next Medical Office Administrator down to two candidates. Work histories appear almost identical. Both earned their Medical Office Administrator certificate online. Candidate #1 graduated from a fully accredited college, while candidate #2 did not. Which would…
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Success Story from Melissa

I recently completed my online certificate in the Medical Office Administration. I really enjoyed the program! I found it both interesting and challenging. I highly recommend this online program with Martinsburg College. Thank you Christyfaye for helping me sign up and starting this program! -Melissa | Medical Office Administration

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