Features & Benefits

Martinsburg College has a long history of educational innovation and student success. The college’s roots date back to 1980. Our historical focus has always been on workplace-relate, short-term skills education. Our decades of experience in developing a high-quality distance education programs and supporting our students’ educational needs have resulted in consistently high student satisfaction levels and strong completion rates.

Consistency of Educational Experience

Our decades of experience in developing distance education programs and supporting students ensure a uniform experience for all students at the college. All of our educational offerings must meet the institution’s standards and also reviewed by our accrediting agency. This means that students A consistent educational experience from one khorst to another avoiding the “bad teacher“ risk common in traditional platforms.

Educational Offerings

The college provides a large number of certificate programs focused on industry and workplace skills. Most of the certificate programs also prepare students for industry certifications. Many of the college’s certificate programs are credit bearing which allows students to earn credits in addition to the certificate of completion and possible industry certification. Most of our certificate programs

Transferring from a Certificate program to an Associate Degree program

Several certificate programs offered at the college in the areas of business administration, information technology and healthcare administration transfer into the associate degree programs. Please note the transferability of credit to other institutions can never be guaranteed. Each institution determines acceptance of transfer credits based on its own policies.

Associate Degree Programs and Stackable Credentials

Our associate degree programs offer students the opportunity to earn multiple certificates of completion and prepare students for various industry certifications. This allows a student to earn a credential and acquire valuable skills even if they are unable to complete their associate’s degree.

Technology-Incorporated Distance Education

The college seeks to utilize technology to enhance the student experience.
Our customized learning management system guides students through logical and intuitive pathways to learning. Students utilize tablets provided by the college on loan, to increase the flexibility and ease of studying.

In addition, via the online classroom, students can access electronic textbooks, student manuals, the e-reference library, and course materials, and communicate with instructional support staff.

Client Approach to Student Services

Each student is treated as a valued client. Students are provided support from initial enrollment through completion by receiving a detailed orientation, one-week post-orientation follow up, reminder emails prior to coursework and assignment due dates, follow up telephone calls, and the ability to check individual academic progress online at any time.

Instructional Support

Academic, technical, and student services support is available Monday through Saturday. Students can interact using chat rooms, email, and/or telephone.

Career Services

Upon graduation, all students are provided access to a Post-Graduation Plan. This plan is available to students online and includes resume templates, interview skills, specific career-related information, military to civilian job search strategies, and more. In addition, Martinsburg College uses College Central Network as its official resume and job posting service. The exclusive site can be accessed 24/7 at

  • Students, quickly apply to jobs and Internship opportunities posted exclusively for you, and search other opportunities via Jobs Central® and Intern Central®, national job boards.
  • Create and upload your resume and career portfolio to make available to employers.
  • Access our events calendar, and career/job search advice documents, podcasts, videos and more.
  • Employers search for talented students and alumni, and post unlimited jobs for free.

College Central Network
Martinsburg College uses College Central Network as its official resume and job posting service