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Project Management Certificate Program

business-collaborationProjects are temporary undertakings designed to produce a service, product, or particular result. Projects can be can vary from home improvement to a company’s new product roll-out. No matter what the focus, there always needs to be a project manager. A project manager provides guidance, organization, motivation, and control to ensure that forward progress is made. The Project Management Certificate Program, provides students with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage projects. Students will learn how to identify and work with various stakeholders and understand project phases and lifecycles. They will learn to initial, plan, execute, monitor, and close a project while implementing a quality control process to ensure a high quality deliverable.

In order to be an effective project manager, students will want to learn how to manage the scope of a project; how to complete projects on time and within budget; and how to consider and manage risks. Students will benefit from being detail-oriented and be able to consistently achieve project goals. To learn more about our Project Management Certificate Program, ‘Click Here’ to contact us today.

Upon completion of this certificate program, students are expected to able to:

Select appropriate team members.

Plan the scope of a project.

Manage time constraints.

Create a work breakdown structure.

Identify and best use available resources.

Develop a project management plan.

Monitor and control project work.

Effectively communicate with team members.

Develop a project schedule.

Estimate activity costs.

Establish a total cost baseline.

Monitor and control risk.

Perform quality assurance and control.

Completion: Students must successfully complete 18 semester credit hours to earn a Project Management Certificate.

Project Management Certificate Program – Topics Include

Project Stakeholders

Project Life Cycle

Project Management Book of Knowledge

Project Integration Management

The Project Management Plan

Project Scope Management

Work Breakdown Structure

Project Time Management

Project Costs

Project Quality Planning