Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are the fastest-growing sector of education in the U.S. and globally for a reason. They offer students the opportunity to gain specific industry/workplace related skills in a relatively short period of time. The ability to target a narrow area of skills that are specific to an industry provides students the ability to focus their educational efforts on a specific goal. In many cases certificate programs “track” to industry or vendor certifications such as Computer Support Technology and Project Management. All of this adds up to an important educational consideration which can have an immediate impact on a student’s life.

What kind of students enroll in certificate programs?

The answer is all kinds because the applicability of these programs is so broad. Some students are focused on a specific career like pharmacy technician; other students are interested in advancing within their current career and utilize a certificate to help them achieve their goal. For example, someone working in human resources might want a certificate in Human Resources. Some students are college graduates others are high school graduates, some intend to continue their education, for other students, a certificate is all they want.

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Certificate vs. Degree Program

Students do not have to make an “either or” choice. Students can apply to transfer the credits they earned in their certificate program at Martinsburg College to an associate degree program offered at Martinsburg College.

Personal efficiency and effectiveness can also motivate enrollment into a certificate program. Often working adults are faced with the same tasks in their personal life as well. The choice of educational pursuits is driven by the demands of students from all walks of life. At Martinsburg College, students can choose between a certificate program or an associate’s degree program. Certificate programs recognize a student’s completion of a focused course of study based on a specific field. An associate’s degree program provides a level of general education necessary for growth as a lifelong learner and also includes courses directed towards a specific area of study, for example, business administration. Both the certificate and degree programs take advantage of distance education to ensure student access and success regardless of location or time demands resulting from workplace or family and community commitments.

Each certificate program at Martinsburg College provides students with the foundation needed to explore specific areas of interest, acquire new skills, or pursue building a targeted knowledge base. Course knowledge and subsequent skills learned can be immediately applied to many facets of life from personal to professional, formal and informal.

The degree programs offered at Martinsburg College allow students to gain the requisite knowledge and skills needed to successfully earn an associate’s degree and the confidence to continue their educational interests.

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