About Us

Martinsburg College provides performance oriented, skills-based educational programs to adults seeking to achieve improved levels of proficiency in a broad range of disciplines. Our history of providing quality education to adults dates back to 1980 when the first training center was opened in New York and has been based in Martinsburg, WV since 2006. Martinsburg College and its affiliated companies have been pioneers in competency-based learning, technology assisted education, and distance training. Student-centered education was first introduced in our brick and mortar schools in 1980. As educational technology improved, Martinsburg College was able to capitalize on decades of in-school experience and introduced high quality distance education programs. Currently, all of Martinsburg College’s programs utilize distance education delivery. The quality of our programs and our considerable experience in supporting adult learners in non-traditional educational delivery has resulted in consistently high student completion and student satisfaction rates.

Mission Statement

Martinsburg College seeks to provide high quality, relevant, and affordable distance learning programs to individuals who want to improve their personal and professional development and career growth opportunities.

The Institutional Objectives

The institutional goals are:

Maintain high quality, relevant, educational programs for which there is a demand.

Continuously improve the quality of educational services and student outcomes.

The institutional objectives are:

Maintain high levels of student satisfaction.

Maintain high completion rates.

Achieve budgeted goals and maintain financial growth and stability.