Success Story from Emily

Martinsburg College, oh where do I begin? I found Jamees by accident at a little get together. I had so many questions, but she answered them all. I have been going to university, but never got the one on one. Jamees was with me every step of the way. I was able to call the…
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Success Story from Abbey

Martinsburg College was great! I loved that I was able to do the work for my Financial Management and Accounting classes on my own time, whether that was during naptime or at midnight. Definitely would recommend.

Success Story from Melissa

When my husband joined the Army I became a stay at home mom. I thought about going back to school but with my third child on the way I thought it would be impossible with my schedule and finances. That’s when a friend of mine took me to an event with Martinsburg College. I was…
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Success Story from Janet

I can’t begin to thank the people of Martinsburg College enough!!! You are all such incredible people!!! This military spouse is beyond words and heartfelt feelings towards these exceptional people!

Success Story from Danielle

The advisors at Martinsburg College were so helpful and understanding. It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot from the courses and can’t wait to put what I’ve learned to good use as a Medical Administrative Assistant.

Success Story from Chelsea

I have recently completed my certificate in Homeland Security & Emergency Management. Working with the staff at Martinsburg College made taking my first step towards my degree in Criminal Justice to become a Police officer so easy and quick! My favorite part was the Student Support… You can take that first step too!

Success Story from A’shuntis

I’m half way through the curriculum and I love it. Once you actually start diving into the information for the certification, they have flash cards with all the vocabulary and mini quizzes you can take to prepare yourself for the actual tests. I love it because I’m not actually sitting in a class and if…
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